Suzy the Shepherdess
Suzy the Shepherdess

Short Scarf, 1853 (The Comfortable Comforter)

(This page is for a ready-to-wear scarf.  Click here for a knit-it-yourself yarn and pattern kit.).

The original is called “A Comfortable Comforter” in The Ladies’ Self Instructor (1853), and I’ve found similar comforters in The Workwoman’s Guide (1838). A comforter is a short scarf that wraps around the neck with a slight overlap in front.


Worn by both men and women, this practical garment is worn under your cloak or greatcoat. The entire length is 29 inches, and it is wide at the ends and narrower behind your neck. 


I recommend this comforter as an authentic, well-documented choice for 19th century and Civil War reenactors, or anyone with a cold neck.

Short Scarf, 1853 (The Comfortable Comforter) - $45.00


"Buy your wooolen yarns in quantities from some one in the country, whom you can trust."

Lydia Maria Child
The American Frugal Housewife, 1832

Suzy the Shepherdess knitting a wool sock at the Apple River Fort (1832)

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