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I'm always happy to help you with my patterns.  You can email me anytime, or watch a video.

Muffatee Thumb Hole

The thumb hole on Pattern B is a little tricky, and while it is explained well in the pattern text I understand that visual learners would prefer to SEE it instead of READ it. If that's you, then this video is for you!

Pattern Errata

I try very hard to create error-free patterns, but, unfortunately, I am not perfect.  Corrections to patterns are here:

Muffatee Pattern, if purchased before February 7, 2020:

Pattern A:  On the second row of the ribbing replace "Purl 3, Knit 3, Purl 3" with "Knit 3, Purl 3."

Short Scarf (Comfortable Comforter) Pattern, if purchased before January 19, 2020:

Replace row increasing from 30 stitches up to 40 with:

     K2, M1, K1, M1   *K2, M1, K2* Repeat 6 times,    M1, K1, M1, K2

Replace row increasing from 40 stitches up to 50 with:

     *K2, M1, K2* Repeat 10 times

"Buy your wooolen yarns in quantities from some one in the country, whom you can trust."

Lydia Maria Child
The American Frugal Housewife, 1832

Suzy the Shepherdess knitting a wool sock at the Apple River Fort (1832)

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