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Finshied Knit Goods

Can't knit?  That's ok!  I've been knitting for you!


All of my knit goods are knit using historic patterns.  All are hand-knit by me, using my Suzy the Shepherdess 100% wool yarn from my sheep.

Muffatee, 1838

Worn by both men and women, muffatees (also called mitts, wristlets or hand warmers) are a fingerless glove that will keep the hands warm while allowing your fingers the freedom to sew, knit, stir the pot over the fire or fire a gun.  Available in two lenghts and many colors. 

Short Scarf, 1853 (The Comfortable Comforter)

The original is called “A Comfortable Comforter” in The Ladies’ Self Instructor (1853), and I’ve found similar comforters in The Workwoman’s Guide (1838). A comforter is a short scarf that wraps around the neck with a slight overlap in front.  Worn by both men and women, this practical garment is worn under your cloak, cape or greatcoat. I recommend this comforter as an authentic, well-documented choice for 19th century and Civil War living history interpreters, museum tour guides, reenactors . . . . or anyone with a cold neck!


All scarves are 100% wool, hand knit by me from my Suzy the Shepherdess yarn.  The stripes I use are inspired by 19th century shawls, which often have a contrasting color stripe or two at the border and are otherwise a solid color.  Each one is individual, no two are the same.

The easiest way to purchase my yarn, historic pattern kits and knit goods is through my Etsy page at 


Or, you can email me to let me know what you want and I'll send you a PayPal invoice. 

"Buy your wooolen yarns in quantities from some one in the country, whom you can trust."

Lydia Maria Child
The American Frugal Housewife, 1832

Suzy the Shepherdess knitting a wool sock at the Apple River Fort (1832)

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