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Suzy the Shepherdess

19th Century Farmer on 21st Century Podcast

Andrew Warhol famously said that everyone gets 15 minutes of fame, but for me it's 13 minutes of fame!  I am the star of the "Meet the Shepherdess" segment on Fruity Knitting's Episode 84!


The Fruity Knitting podcast is an every-other-week podcast produced by Andrea Doig.  Each episode is over an hour long and most center on an interview with a knitting pattern designer.  Some episodes also feature a "Meet the Shepherdess" segment, and Andrea wanted to know if I would be interested in being part of one.  Of course I said yes!  I always love a chance to talk about my sheep and my yarn!

The main guest of Episode 84 is Melanie Berg, a shawl designer.  She is a very modern designer, but shawls of any time period are always of interest to me and my 18th and 19th century friends!  Melanie talks about shawl shapes, blocking notes (what shawls must be blocked and which ones can go without), plus how to wear a shawl, notes on weaving in ends, and how to store shawls.


My "Meet the Shepherdess" segment is about halfway through Mealnie's interview, starting at 48:21.  I talk about how my sheep are raised and how the wool is processed.  There are clips of my sheep, my skirting table, and shoppers at a historic event in my tent.  Fun stuff!


You can choose how much you want to watch based on how much time you have:

In a hurry?

This is somewhat of a highlight reel, just over one minute. 

Got 13 minutes?

The segment on me is about 13 minutes. 

Sit down and relax for a spell . . . .

The entire episode is about a hour and 20 minutes.  It covers me (starting at 48:21), plus the full interview with shawl deisgner Melanie Berg, and segments by Andrea & Andew on what they are current knitting, how to tell how much drape a yarn has (the Flop Test), and how to choose the best color choices for your own skin complexion.  It's long, but worth it!  

"Buy your wooolen yarns in quantities from some one in the country, whom you can trust."

Lydia Maria Child
The American Frugal Housewife, 1832

Suzy the Shepherdess knitting a wool sock at the Apple River Fort (1832)

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