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Suzy the Shepherdess

The Fun Part - Buying Yarn!!!

My yarn is available in a medium (worsted) weight and fingering weight.  All of my yarn is 100% wool, and all of the wool is from my own sheep.  The color of the yarn is the natural color of the sheep.  All of my yarn is sold in 50 gram skeins and the price is $9.00 per skein. 


Medium Weight

The medium yarn is a two-ply and 50 grams equals approximately 100 yards.  Do make your own gague swtach, but as for me, I knit:

    6 Stitches per inch with US #5

    5.5 Stitches per inch with US #7

    4.5 Stitches per inch with US #8


Fingering Weight

The fingering yarn is also two-ply and 50 grams equals approximately 235 yards.  I knit nine stitches per inch with this yarn using #1 needles. Currently only Slate Gray is available in fingering weight.


Dyed Yarn

I don't sell any dyed yarn.  All of my yarn is the natural color of the sheep.  However, I do small batches of dying for my own use, so I've included notes to dyers in each of the yarn descriptions. 


Lot Numbers

The lot number is the year the wool was sheared.  I sell yarn by color, but if you are trying to match a specific lot number please put the lot number you want in the comment area of your order, or send me an e-mail to ask if I have any skeins of a specific lot in stock.  Once a lot is sold out it is truly sold out.  Some lot colors are very close, but because each year new sheep are born and old sheep die no lot can ever be exactly replicated. 


International Shipments

Orders shipped within the United States and Canada can be ordered on this page.  Click here for international orders, which will be shipped by my good friends at Wall of Yarn in Freeport, Illinois (they are far more experienced with international shipping than I am!).

So, What's Your Favorite Color?

(Scroll down for the availalbe color options and an "Add to Cart" button for each color)


Slate Gray

This was an experiment, blending together about 60% brown, gray and black fleeces with about 40% white fleeces.  The dark fleeces overpowered the white, and the result is a very dark slate gray.  It is still gray, not brown, but a very dark gray.  Gorgeous!  Not dyed!


Grown by Fred, Domino, Goat (a sheep named Goat, not an acutal goat), Skunk (a sheep named Skunk, not an actual skunk), Charlotte, Baby Fritz, Chocolate, Moe, Panda, Princess, Booger, Queenie, Sawborne, Spots, Hunchie, Brot Boy, Wooly Ben, Blossom, Little Rose and Bouffant.


A note to dyers:  Don't even bother.  It's too dark to take dye.


Medium Weight - $9.00 per Skein - 50 grams - 100 yards

Fingering Weight - $9.00 per Skein - 50 grams - 235 yards

Yarn Weight

Currently Slate Gray is the only color I have in stock.  I have more wool at the mill and hope to have it back around January 2023.  I am hoping there was enough raw wool for the mill to run two batches, and if so I'll have some light gray yarn and some brown yarn.  But if not, they will have put all the wool together and the end result will be medium gray or dark gray. 

"Buy your wooolen yarns in quantities from some one in the country, whom you can trust."

Lydia Maria Child
The American Frugal Housewife, 1832

Suzy the Shepherdess knitting a wool sock at the Apple River Fort (1832)

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